Nemo Construction offers all types of residential roofing, knowing it’s one of the most important parts of residential construction and uses premium products from IKO Roofing.

Water Shed

NEMO knows your roof is the “water shed” and employs waterproofing insulation from the finest products IKO has to offer. Your roof can also give your home a “face-lift” by changing its appearance. NEMO knows practicality with the flashings, ventilations and roof deck work hand-in-hand with style, color and “type” of shingles to complete your roof.

Preparation and Materials

The roof of the home is obviously a very important decision. Many times it’s what you don’t see is most important. Proper preparation, attention to detail and selection of materials all are important aspects of the job. Nemo Construction works with you and educates you on the process so you can make an informed decision based on appearance, practicality and budget.

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