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NEMO Construction began its operations in 2003 in Plainfield, Illinois.

Since then the owner, Gerry Jucys, has grown his family run business from its “grassroots” to providing the high quality craftsmanship home repair and handyman services in Illinois over the last 10+ years.

Gerry’s mission is: “To offer the BEST exterior and interior home remodeling service to EACH customer at the BEST possible price”

It’s no wonder NEMO Construction has grown so quickly! Gerry comes out to meet with the owner of each new project he’s working on. He shows up to work and assesses each situation – not to “SELL YOU” or provide unreasonable options to your problems. He comes with choices and solutions – free of charge – and ready to get the job done! It’s no wonder his previous clients recommend him highly!

Three reasons exactly WHY NEMO Construction should be doing YOUR next renovation:

· Skills

· Quality

· Incredible Customer Service

Nemo's Construction Features

Gerry Jucys of NEMO Construction has been in the business of “construction” for over 15 years. Always interested in how things were made, Gerry interned with the finest craftsmen to learn and perfect his own style. But early on Gerry knew it wasn’t only the craftsmanship – it’s the relationships built along with the quality of work. And that’s what puts him and his business in a league of their own.

Gerry Jucys himself comes out to meet with every new project he’s considering. But don’t expect him to “sell you” – that’s not his style! Gerry shows up to work – to personally assess every situation and present you with choices and solutions for your individual project – all FREE of charge.

Once you and Gerry decide on a course of action, it’s Gerry who schedules when the job will begin; he’s there when the materials arrive and he shows up with his team of qualified trained professionals to get the job done.

Gerry has learned early-on that communication in his line of work sets him apart from the rest. He found it necessary to involve each homeowner in the process, showing them the progress and “why” details matter so much. From the start to the finish, he knows his customer is an integral part of his “team” for every project.

“If I see something I wouldn’t want in my house – I make it the same way for my customer’s house,” Gerry says. He continues, “Sometimes correcting the little things makes a world of difference. Every job I work on, I work as if it’s my own home”.

And that’s why Gerry’s business NEMO Construction is growing so rapidly! In a business where so many competitors use free lancers who may or may not be craftsmen, Gerry takes each job professionally as if it were being done in his own home, using skilled professionals alongside himself.

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